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ChaosWolf (05)

  ChaosWolf - The Fall of the Idols

Genre: Black Metal
Country: Mexico
Year: 2013
01. Chaoswolves
02. El Profeta De La Pandemia
03. The End Of Black Metal Paradise
04. Nameless King
05. Nostalgia De Un Dios Muerto
06. The Phantom Of Satan (La Mentira De Agaliareth)
07. El Porvenir De Una Desilusion
08. Egocidio (Mirror’s Tragedy)
09. Journey For A Lone Lycan

ChaosWolf & Astarot - Verwerfung / In the Abyss...

Genre: Black Metal/Black Metal
Country: Mexico/Mexico
Year: 2012
01. Chapter I: Opening For A Delirious Trickster
02. Chapter II: Empire Of Silessence
03. Chapter III: Wings Of Paradox (In the Cynic Valley)
04. Militis Vexillum
05. Astral Erial
06. Effluvium, Consumed By The Darkness Of The Cosmos I
07. Effluvium, Consumed By The Darkness Of The Cosmos II
08. In the Abyss...

ChaosWolf - Eight Howls of Chaos

Genre: Black Metal
Country: Mexico
Year: 2011
01. Sounds of No-Life
02. Isolation and Void
03. Winter Twilight 
04. Howling Beast of Sorrow 
05. Storm of Blood and Tears
06. Wings of Paradox (In the Cynic Valley)  
07. Chaosphere 
08. Chaoswolf and Senectus: Of Wolves, Scars and Honour  

Black Hate & ChaosWolf & Konkeror ov Forgotten - Trinity of Wolfen Funeral Void

Genre: Black Metal/Black Metal/Black Metal
Country: Mexico/Mexico/Mexico
Year: 2008
Black Hate
01. No More Me by Her Side
02. Spiritual Asylum of Despair
03. Mysteries of Chaos Pt. II
Konkeror ov Forgotten
04. Luster of Sadness
05. My Unknowed Funeral Cult

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