Samstag, 25. Februar 2017

Auschwitz Symphony (01)

Der Stürmer & Auschwitz Symphony Orchestra - Split

Genre: NSBM/Grindcore
Country: Greece/Finland
Year: 2016

Der Stürmer
01. Judas Burning
02. Antiochos Antitheos
03. Piles Of Pigheads In The Synagogue
04. Eastern Front (Flames Cover)
Auschwitz Symphony Orchestra
05. Intro
06. Goat-Fucking Nigger From Kenya
07. Holocaustian
08. I Took A Free One-Week Subscription Of Helsingin Sanomat Just In Case I Run Out Of Toilet Paper
09. Fuck The TTIP
10. You Can Order A Human Steak At Restaurant In Nigeria
11. Valtiot Pankkien Orjina
12. EU On Vihollinen
13. Puikulapää
14. Demlamafia
15. Crush Commie Face Well
16. Israel Must Be Multicultural
17. Fuck The Middle-East
18. Israel's Nuclear Weapons
19. Tina Rosenberg Stay Out Of Finland
20. Cultural Enrichment
21. Licentia Poetarum
22. Destroy Monsanto
23. Jack The Ripper Was A Jew Named Aaron Kosminski
24. Plutocracy
25. Build A Wall To Eastern Border So The Commies Would Stay In Russia
26. Albert Einstein Was A Jewish Swindler
27. Former Chief Of Finnish Narcotics Police Jari Aarnio, The Drug Lord Of Finland
28. Everyone In NAMBLA Should Be Killed
29. The Joke Called The Nurenberg Trials
30. Holohoax

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